Personal Trainer and Fitness Services in Ft Lauderdale and South FL


Customize Programs

I deveop programs that will be tailored to YOUR individual goals, fitness level, experience, location and schedule. 

One on One Training

I can train you at home or at a gym or a combination of both.  When you select 1 on 1 training, we work together to develop a schedule to achieve your short term and long term goals.  By combining proper nutrition with full body workouts, I will get you the maximum results in the least amount of time. 

Two on One Training - For Couples & Friends

Two people, One Trainer, One Hour, No Excuses. Couples, friends, siblings, whatever.  Now the two of you push and motivate each other to get to your workouts.  Share the trainer for a win-win situation! 

Preparing for Competition

‚ÄčIf you are preparing for a triathlon, marathon, bodybuilding competition, or any sporting event, as your personal trainer I can assist you in figuring out the things that you need to do to stay strong and healthy and perform well. 

Nutritional Coaching

Fitness is not just excerise.  Nutrition is a key complete to compliment and be a part of your fitness program.  I will develop a proper diet customized to your goals.

Online Mentoring

This is a complimentary service for many clients who travel or relocate to other regions.  Training is done online, via the phone and web services.  We continue our training program with 24x7 support.  I am just a call or email away to help you achieve your goal.